Assalamualaikum kan aku dah bagitahu who is back ni akan ada banyak part. hahaha. tak suka takpe. Boleh je tekan [x] kat atas tu. Haha. Okay, aku excited lah juga ni bercerita pasal B1A4. Haha group fav aku ni woooi. Haruslah excited!

Semalam tepat jam 0000KST, B1A4 Lonely MV released. Yeay! Jinyoung is the main actor. Ofclah lakonan Jinyoung hebat. Jinyoung terapung. Perempuan tu pun terapung juga. I love eveything in that mv but one more things I hate, Gongchan got less line and less screen times. Mwo? It's unfair for Gongchan! Jinyoung sings most of the part while others just two or three parts. I think Jinyoung should make a solo debut. He conquer everythings in that MV.  Again, jinyoung's voice at the starting song. Haha. Yes, I'm Jinyoung stan but I just give my opinion about the new MV. You care?

Their dance just WOW. SKARF dances. The dances at the part baro rap is totally insane for me. I'm going crazy for that part. Oh pleasee~

So, you can watch their mv here. Keep watching and let's reach 1M views. Check ur history and delete the MV Lonely and watch again. Fighting BANAs.

(Klik here to watch B1A4- Lonely MV)

Keep using this hashtag #없구나 #B1A4 in every tweet, facebook, google+ and instagram will help to increase SNS score. BANAs, let's support our boys! Yeah! And hope for their 2nd win and triple crown maybe. Let's hope. Nothing is impossible. Who knows, this year gonna be B1A4 year! Fighting B1A4. Don't forget to watch their 1st comeback stage on Music Bank this friday. Save the date, BANAs!

 Note : "You're pretty even without makeup, you're pretty no matter what you wear, pretty oh in my eyes baby, BANAs are really pretty" - B1A4 JINYOUNG

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