Assalamualaikum Semakin hari, aku rasa semakin malas nak update blog. Bukan ape nak fikir buat ayat, takut mengarut and macam-macamlah. Sebelum ni, one post per day and now one post per week. Bila dah malas memang semua benda tak akan berhasil. Haha

Macam dah banyak mengarut sangat padahal baru 3baris mengarut bukan banyak sangat pun. Haha. Setelah sekian lama kami semua bertungkus lumus untuk selesaikan our mission. And finally our mission is DONE!
WM already released Lonely 2nd version, i thought 2nd version would be more awesome and suprise but it's just okay okay. This version NO GIRL NO DANCES AND NO FLOAT. Just them in that MV. I just love that part. Hahaha. My feel when watching Lonely 2nd version, hm okay oh okay they should change their cloths oh this part in making film Lonely.

And you want know something, WM just tweeted it said to reach Lonely 1st version to reach 3M, and WM will release dance version. This is too much WM. WHY DO THIS TO US? /cries/ Another mission to be DONE! We can do it BANAs!

Note : Everytime I posted video on instagram, Jinyoung's voice turn to be chipmunk. Hahaha

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