Assalamualaikum Nampak tak title kat atas tu? Part 2 okay. And akan ade lagi part part yang seterusnya. Hahaha aku rasa akan ada sampai part 10. So, bersabarlah dengan semua update aku pasal B1A4. Ehh, this month for B1A4 kot. Janganlah menyampah. Oh pleaseeeeeee~ /puppy eyes

B1A4 - Lonely 2nd teaser (klik link untuk view video.Tetiba nak upload tak boleh. Mungkin blog ni dah pengsan sbb tengok Jinyoung CUN habis)

Well kali ni teaser untuk drama ver. 1st drama ver ni WMent released yang Jinyoung dulu. Memang Jinyoung stan menggila lah. Bukan setan tapi STAN. My TL full with Jinyoung. Jinyoung here. Jinyoung there. Jinyoung everywhere. BANAs look really dying with this new teaser. Seriously! hm. FYI, there's a girl in that mv. Should I be happy or sad ? Actually, I'm not really happy. Hahaha but no one cares. Jinyoung also /slapsJinyoung. But but but that girl looks so prettty! I'm jealous.

At the starting, the way Jinyoung staring at me so asdfghjkl. Totally dying. I can't breath. You should stop stared at me like that or I'll kidnap you and put you in my bed. Hahahahaa. And that girl looks really funny with that position. Well, it's better Jinyoung with that girl dripada dengan Suzy. Haha. BANAs, do you agree with me? The balloon looks so perfect. Jinyoung looks so skinny. Go and eat something Jinyoung! You should gain some weight!

White cloths, white face, pretty eyes, colourful ballons, that ribbons, well for me everything just looks so perfect. I can't wait for full drama ver. And others teaser too. Thanks to WMent sebab released benda tu tepat pada masanya. Thankyou so much. Again, I hope they'll get their 2nd, 3rd, 4th win and so on. Jinyoung did so many things in this song. So, why not let's them win for the 2nd time?
Note : I have nothing to say. Hm, BANAs, let's support our boys till the end :)

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