Assalamualaikum Can you see my title? it's already part5. better you get ready for the next next part. hahaha well. hari ni birthday abah aku. Happy birthday Abah! I love you abah. You're my everything I need. Hihi. May Allah bless you always. You're the best ever man in my world. I love you.

Well today is my father's birthday and B1A42NDWIN. Today is the best ever day. Congrats my boys. I told ya I told ya they'll get their 2nd win. And now I wait for their next win. Triple crown please. Oh please my boys didn't cry they just laughed and being so dorky. i love them so much. Their 1st win, they cried so hard and 2nd win they just said woooaaah, woooaaaah. I dont have anything to say anymore. This is just a short update about my father and B1A4.

All photos credit to owner.

Once again. happy birthday abah and congratulations B1A4! You deserve it. B1A4 i know you can do it. We'll always support you. FIGHTING B1A4.

Note : Now watching my love from the star.

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