[Assalamualaikum] Hari tuh aku ada cakap nak update pasal #JinyoungFacts kan ? So, hari ini aku update pasal tuh. Do read this. If you hate Jinyoung, go away. Shhhhhh~ 
Credit : B1A4_Ultimate

#Bling Girl was written when he was sick as a trainee and was resting in his room alone with his notebook.#When he had a girlfriend he really loved, he thought a lot of how ‘everything’s fine as long as I have you’ [Sweet]#He had a crush on someone when wrote ‘Bling girl’ [Its me okay. Hahaa]

Cukup lah tuh, nanti aku sambung lagi okay. Btw, semakin hari, aku semakin cintakan Jinyoung. Hahaa.

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